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FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor
FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor
FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor
FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor
FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor

FIXD Active Car Diagnostic Device and Health Monitor

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FIXD OBD2 Active Car Health Monitor and Diagnostic Device is an incredible device that translates the problems with your car and displays the answers in plain English right on your smartphone and tracking scheduled service.

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How To Prevent $1000s In Costly Car Repairs (Mechanics Aren’t Happy About It)

Do you have any idea how easy it is for shady mechanics to rip you off? Too easy. And they know it. And they exploit it…they exploit YOU! But don’t feel bad. They exploit anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on – and that’s MOST EVERYONE!

So how do you protect your pocketbook…and your pride when taking your car into an auto shop? Well, you know the old saying – ‘KNOWLEDGE is power!’

Your first line of defense is knowing EXACTLY what your car needs BEFORE you take it into the shop. Which is easier than you might think – more on that in a minute.

Your second line of defense is knowing what opportunities shady mechanics are looking for when trying to rip you off. Unfortunately, there are many of them.

Don’t Ignore The Light!

The “Check Engine” light is your engine computer’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It could be something relatively small, like a missing gas cap. Or it might be something that could potentially leave you stranded, such as:

✔️A failing catalytic converter
✔️Bad spark plugs and spark plug wires
✔️An overheating engine

    The fact that there are so many options is not only frustrating – it puts you at risk of being taken advantage of by auto mechanics.


    90% of Drivers Rush To Make THIS Mistake

    Once upon a time, the only way to crack the check engine light code was to take it to a mechanic. There they would connect a special diagnostic machine to your vehicle – for reading only the mechanic could understand.

    This is how many drivers lose hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars to dishonest repair shops. Think about the last time YOU stepped into an auto repair shop: Did you go for an oil change…but leave with a new air filter, new fluids, and a tire rotation?  Or were you pressured to replace a long-list of expensive new parts that your mechanic said he “wouldn’t put off fixing” if he were you?

    The truth is, without an honest second opinion there’s no way to know whether you’re being duped. That’s why so many auto mechanics call it “The Idiot Light” – you’d have to be an idiot to believe you’ll get an honest answer from them!

    But times have changed. Thanks to one affordable home tool, you can quickly and easily get the diagnosis you’re looking for, without being taken for a ride.

    Know Exactly What Your Car Needs In 3 Easy Steps

    FIXD, an affordable new device that plugs into your car’s OBD port, quickly diagnoses its REAL problems, and translates them into simple, easy-to-understand terms!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Plug it into your car’s diagnostic port – takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it – no professionals or tools needed!
    2. Sync it with your phone – Using their free app (available on Android & iOS)
    3. Open the App and Press SCAN – just like that, FIXD sends your phone notifications based on your SPECIFIC make and model about upcoming maintenance, engine problems, and more!

    FIXD tells you the problem in plain English.

    No more looking up codes or being duped into unnecessary repairs at the repair shop – never again! You can also turn off the check engine light right from the FIXD App if the problem is not serious (e.g. you didn’t screw the gas cap on tight enough) or if you want to see if the light comes back on after further driving.


    2. See How SEVERE The Problem Is

    That generic ‘Check Engine Light’ can’t tell you how critical an issue is. It only knows ‘On’ and ‘Off’ – not very helpful. But FIXD actually tells you how severe the problem is and it even tells you what the consequences are if you ignore the problem.

    3. Oil Change & Maintenance Reminders

    As soon as you plug FIXD in, it syncs up with your car’s make, model and its current miles. Then based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance timeline, FIXD sends updates to your phone when it’s getting close to take your car in.


    So This All Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

    With all the benefits FIXD provides, you’d think it would cost a few hundred dollars, right? That’s what makes this company so great. The founders of FIXD made it incredibly affordable so they can help as many people as possible avoid getting scammed by mechanics, while also staying on top of their car’s health.

    It’s priced affordably at only $59

    Here's what you get when you buy FIXD:



    100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, there’s no reason not to order your FIXD right now to give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to use!